Wallacei to fast?


I used the Wallacei component to conduct an optimization of my input parameters. The Input parameters (value 0; 1; 2; 3 in 4 different parameters, so really small) change the shape of a structural problem which is solved using Karamba. For testing I only use one fitniss-value (the amount of material needed).
However, when I run Wallacei it gets quite fast to a solution (around 5min). Next, I search for the best fitniss value using the output “Fitness Values” and the associated genpool for this fitness value using “Decode Genome”. So I take the same branch in the fitness value-list and the Decode Genome-list. But when I reinstated manually the genpool to check for the result, the fitness-value is different than the fitness-value I calculated with Wallacei. I got the suspicion, that Wallacei doesn’t wait properly until the calculation is complete so it doesn’t get the right feedback.
I try to insert a DataDam with a delay of 0.5 sec into the calculation, but Wallacei seems to ignore, that there is no update of the fitness value (because of the DataDam only allows new data through itself each 0.5 sec).

What can I do?

Maybe consider providing a file people could look at. Hard to come up with a solution only looking at a single screenshot.


I can help you better if I could take a look at your file and run it from my end as well

Hi. Thanks for the reply.

I can give you the file, but I use Karamba to calculate forces (beside some free plug-ins) which is not free. So it will most likely not run on your system. Do want to try anyway? It would be a great help.

I have Karamba installed, it should be okay