Karamba Optimize Cross Section + Wallacei


I’m currently working on a script, where I want to optimize a truss using the Karamba “optimize cross section” component together with Wallacei X.

I have 3 objectives, for which I want to do the analysis:

  1. structural mass
  2. number of connections
  3. truss height

And two genes:

  1. slider for the structural height
  2. slider for the number of diagonals.

I have selected the ranges of my sliders in a way, that the “optimize cross section” component from Karamba should always find a valid optimized solution, no matter how you combine the genes. However, when running Wallacei, the Karamba component is not able to optimize properly. Is this due to the iterative process of the Karamba component? If yes, is there a way to avoid this behaviour?

I want the Karamba component to finish iterations first, before results are handed over as a solution to the genes in Wallacei X.

When using Galapagos to only optimizing the objective “structural mass”, it comes up with the right result.

However I want to do multicriteria analysis…


Steel truss.gh (66.6 KB)