Wall by Face from mass generated in Rhino

Not yet. You would need to work with @eirannejad if what options exist in Python. It gets a bit complicated trying to keep the mass and wall automatically synced.

@schmid.matt There is a custom python node on this issue that might help you solve your immediate problem while we work on a native component for Wall by face

Thanks Ehsan, much appreciated!

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Hello Ehsan!

Any update on this matter? Is the custom python node up to date?

A Grasshopper component “add wall by face” would be of most help!


Just tried the custom node with the following issue in line 16:

@arteagaBEGEB Sorry for delays. We’ll add this component natively soon. I promise.

I fixed the python component for now

wall by surface.zip (436.4 KB)

Screen Shot 2021-03-26 at 10.05.56 AM


Hi ehsan, can this be applied to roofs floors, and ceilings in the near future as well? Wall by profile seems good enough for walls but floors and roofs are still areas that need advanced components

Nope. Ceiling support in Revit API is nonexistent and Floors only from boundaries

Hi Ehsan,

thanks for your quick reply.

The component works well, however, there are a few things that can still use some tunning:

  1. The selection (If the referenced geometry is a box, the selection tool will not allow to pick faces, or filter them and hence wont run) (Since a 2 planes are horizontal).

  2. Height management (If the referenced geometry is a vertical or tilted plane, the component will run and create a wall in the Revit enviroment. However, updating the height through the height parameters wont be possible).

Both 1) and 2) are normally possible within Revit, is there a fix?


  1. Yes Revit can not create walls from Flat surfaces. So filter them out before sending them to the Create Wall From Face component
  2. When creating a wall from a face that is non-vertical, Revit does not provide the Height parameter. This component does the same since it is using the Revit API. Only walls created from vertical surfaces will have the height parameter

When might we see this in Rhino Inside Revit?

Also how would the python component need to be changed to create roof from face? It doesn’t seem like there is a DB.FaceRoof.Create() command?


I’m trying to create a mass in order to manually create a roof from a face in Revit. Would the strategy still be the same as the one you posted earlier in this thread?

Hi ehsan.I tried your code above.I want to transfer surface(GH) into mass(Revit) into Wall by RIR, but it gets wrong

.Would you mind take some time to tell me how to solve this problem?

Does the script above work for you?

I was able to run it successfully. Can you post your surface?


try.rar (26.5 KB)
This is my surface. I just draw a surface casually. Thanks for your help.

I think the difference here is that Eshan was using a Mass Generated in Revit, not a Direct Shape Mass from Rhino. I tried creating a Mass Family but the surface still isn’t recognized (not editable in the mass family)

So there is no way to transfer a surface in Rhino into a facewall in Revit directly ?

Kike’s SubD post above worked, but he placed manually. The shape we are trying is much simpler. I’ll try to nail down the variables and see if we can figure out what is possible.

Is it possible to select a wall through Brep in Rhino??