Waiting for user input with aliases


this is more a questions about aliases than scripting, but this seems like the place for it.

I am trying to work out if there is something that will work in an alias to allow me to wait for one command to execute (with a variable degree of user input) and then run another.

Specifically, I’d like to get this to work:

! _CurveBoolean _Group

So that I can run the curve boolean command, do all my selecting and options or whatever, and THEN group the resulting curves.

I’ve tried PAUSE but that doesn’t seem to make any difference.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Unfortunately, you will need one Pause for each screen pick… So your macro will look more like this:

! _CurveBoolean _Pause _Pause _Pause _Pause _Pause _Pause _Pause _Pause _Pause _Pause _Pause _Pause _Group

You need to put in as many Pauses as you think you will ever need screen picks - too many is not a problem, the rest are ignored, so you can put a hundred of 'em in there if you like…


Thanks Mitch,
That makes sense (of sort). I had tried _Pause but I obviously didn’t have enough of them…
So you can’t use ‘*’ to repeat the _Pause indefinitely, like GREP?

And is it my imagination, or does it take a bit of time to process the leftover _Pauses

Cheers Peter

This is a problem that has been in Rhino since, like, version 3… The way that certain commands are programmed, you need one Pause for each screen pick; other commands need only one for as many picks as you need. This has never been “fixed”… I don’t think the extra pauses take any appreciable time to process, but I’ve never actually tested that…