Vray texture problem

Hi everyone, i’ve kinda problem with rendering a travertine texture, i mean, i can renderize the texture but the final rendering color doesn’t match with the original travertine color texture. I tried to modify the withe balance, GI skylight, background…nothing! i’m litteraly freaking out…
i attach the final rendering and the original texture, so you can see…it seems it’s yellowish/greenish.
Can someone help me please? thank you so much!


the grass mat. absorbs red light rays and reflects yellow and blue rays which couses reflecting lights coming from grass are green. this greenish light is the reason for your problem altought it is not a problem but a pyhisically correct state.

you can test it, make another mat. which is white and assign it to the grass surface and see.

anyway if you dont want the greenish colour you can retouch them with photoshop.

PS. great render by the way

You might be able to use override material to resolve the issue:


i would not override it, giving a natural impression is what you might rather want to achieve, if the result is not pleasing i would think about changing the material if thats still an option.

the sunlight depending on the time of the day appears in colors between blueish yellowish and redish… cloudy days will make it look more blue, in the shaded parts it will become more blueish and as pointed out the natural colorbleeding will create a partial greenish tint. now if the render is physically representative is difficult to say… i would if you can try to compare with another renderer like maxwell because it really seems a little too green but not a lot.

It seems obvious that the grass is reflecting some green cast into the upper levels of travertine. If you look at the lower structure, there is no grass and no green cast on the same exact material.

yes i am not doubting that the green has an impact, the lower structure is by the way casted in full blast sun light that also changes the result. maybe setting up a different time something like lunchtime will make it look rather how the shown texture is represented here. and usually textures are shot in cloudy but bright days, that will sure also make a difference.

I doubt the term ‘physically accurate’ here. I have a small house painted bright white sitting on a acre of green grass. My walls appear white, not light green. Travertine marble would show very little reflection if it were sitting right on the grass let alone the height of the first balcony which is probably 10 to 12 feet off the ground.

I’ve seen some files with highly reflective trees or water causing issues like this. It could be anything.Without seeing the file, and putting the hard work of finding where the offending light/shadow is coming from you never know.