VRay Sunlight Problem

When I render a clay model with a sun system there is a strange blow-out that happens at the intersection of objects. Anywhere the ground meets an object it gets washed out for some reason. It’s almost as if the sunlight is getting caught in an infinite cycle of bouncing into a corner. Any way to prevent this?

In the image look where the tower objects meet the ground, it is washed out there and only there.

You have two light in the scene. One of them has white shadows.
Discover witch light is and change it back to black.

I only have one light.

I’ve checked and there is only the sun system and the GI. I’ve made sure the sun has black shadows as well. I’m thinking the problem has something to do with the GI skylight. Still unsure what is causing the problem though.

Skylight map could be the problem. Be sure to select the proper sunlight.
For sure the sky is not set according to the sun and it cause you to have 2 light.
And avoid system sunlight, prefer, instead, the Vray sunlight.

I think it’s behaving like it’s supposed to. The parts on the ground closer to the vertical surfaces are receiving the direct light of the sun plus the diffusely reflected light (indirect illumination) of the vertical surface, that’s why its brighter than other parts. If you don’t want this effect to be so noticeable, use materials that don’t reflect so much light. The brightest perfectly diffuse white (like white chalk) should have an 80% brightness (rgb=204,204,204).