Vray/ Rhino Rendering in Grasshopper

Hello everybody,
I have modeled a sphere like shape with hexagonal apertures that changes size based on an attractor.
I wanted to animate this using Vray or rhino render. I looked at Giulio Piacentino’s script that was later updated by Jacek Markusiewicz(The grasshoper file attached has all the definitions im using). However, i cant seem to connect them together to get the desired effect. I have attached a sample video that was made by animating a slider. i would also like some advice on setting up cameras to change views in gh. Please help im fairly new to grasshopper.

Hexa_Apetures.gh (25.0 KB)

https://global.discourse-cdn.com/mcneel/uploads/default/original/3X/e/0/e0615afb45e438d363803d8806097df8b633dbe5.mp4 Hexapertures.3dm (11.9 MB)

You can use Heteroptera plugin to move the camera.

Gray is also usable with vray

Thank you so much ! ill try giving it a shot!

Hi laurent!, is there any way i could connect the attractor number slider to the animation. i need to use it as an interval as it guides the morphology of the geometry

The classical way will be have a slider for time and to have a function to describe your attractor depending on time. Without script, drawings … It will be hard to help more.

Hexa_Apetures.gh (23.6 KB)
Hexapertures.3dm (11.9 MB)

Hello laurent, i really appreciate the help. i have attached the script with the Gray components loaded as well as the rhino file.


If I understand well you just have to do that

Reparametrize your curve so you will make a turn every 1.0 unit.
Connect norm (time from 0 to 1.0) to t

It doesn’t work here, I have no geometry in my rendering !!! So I will try Vray legacy components.

As I don’t manage to make my vray version. The simple way to make an animation is :slight_smile:
Put a Preview component withe the name of a material you have, full path if material on disk.
connect a slider from 0.00 to 1.00 to the parameter t.
Right click and select animate, then choose path to copy images … and run. Don’t forget to put Rhino in rendered mode. Then make a Gif, a video …
Here the script with
//Animated gif maker script - Daniel Piker 24/03/2016
//Using code from NGif: http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/11505/NGif-Animated-GIF-Encoder-for-NET

Hexa_Apetures.gh (23.6 KB)


OMG YES!! this exactly how i want this. thank you so much!!!

Hi @laurent_delrieu,

might you be able to provide a short sample of how the Heteroptera camera crane component work with making animation (through a slider)?

Thanks a lot!

animation_heteroptera.gh (8.9 KB)
I didn’t find what I did but it is quite basic, you define the point of view, the point to look at and animate the slider. You could also use a curve as a path and it will be superb.



this is great - thanks for the super fast response!

i’ve never seen this plugin/component in action and didn’t know it’s this simple
(was assuming i had to use some of the outputs from the component and connect them into something else)