Vray + Grasshopper

I am trying to make a table design animation where i want my wires to grow to better show wire management solution but how do i use the isotrim feature to show that with vray???

I cant seem to get anything when i export camera animation into rhino

You have data trees going into the Render’s geometry input (the double dashed lines). However it only understands Data Lists and single items. You have to flatten out your geometry:

You also seem to have multiple (data tree as well) cameras. There is only one camera in V-Ray anyway, that is probably why you get the warning (orange component).

Just in case could you show the warning message ?

The camera part is working fine. The issue comes with the wires not getting exported or coming in the render.

No, it is not working fine.
You are plugging multiple cameras, and since there is only one supported, you get the warning.
Then that same warning becomes an error when you plug the [now invalid] renderer into the exporter.

Flatten out your camera and geometry inputs

Thanks for your inputs. Flattening out does remove the colours and errors it shows but the issue remains the same. Actually what i was trying is not possible in vray grasshopper right now is what i found. I can only export cameras and sun animations. Nothing more. Ill have to bring the rest of my scene in grasshopper and render in grasshopper only to achieve what i want. I figured it out. Thanks for your inputs though:)

the message is not removed, because after flattening, you still have multiple cameras plugged in. You need to get the first one only and plug in only that.

Animating objects is only possible in GH. You can’t pass animated objects out to Rhino (yet).