Creating Rendered Animation (GRay)

I’m trying to create a rendered animation of a model I made in grasshopper. The only movement is made by 3 sliders (in fact by one because i created a relation between them).Throughout the animation I want the slider to run from 0-1. I tried doing it with GRay but i wasn’t able to find a way to define the movement of the slider. How can I do that, or does anyone have a better suggestion of how to do it?


(The slider is the one inside the Red coloured Group)

sphererandom (34.4 KB)

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I have no more Gray, As it is an animation you have the time here norm that goes from 0 to 1. You already use it and you must also use it as a replacement of your slider. You have to find the evolution of this slider in time. There are many possibilities. It will be be hard to help more.

Hi, I have not digged into your problem here, just glossed it over, but if you want to modify a slider “upstreams” from a for-loop in the receiving component (is that the component driving the animation?), then I have a code example which may give you some ideas. (5.0 KB)
/It’s a user object, C#, I had to zip it in order to upload it)

// Rolf

Hi Laurent,
Thanks for the reply. I’m not sure I understood what you were trying to say. Can you explain it again to me please?


I just say replace your slider with norm
You have example provided with Vray, use them to understand how Gray work.

And if you need camera movement you can use Heteroptera.

Norm is the time (0. to 1.)
Herre the animation done with slider animation and rhino rendered mode.

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sorry for my irrelevant question, does anyone try VRay for Grasshopper to export animation?
i haven’t find any example about the application yet, most is GRay.