VRay rendering black screen

Hi there! I have been testing out different textures and objects in VRay - this is my first time trying out rendering with so many complex details
I believe that after changing one particular texture, into whose Displacement I have mistakenly imported a huge EXR file, and possibly deleted the Sky texture, the background turned pitch black then the whole render turned black too. Tried adding another sky, checked the camera and sun settings, removed the texture and put it back again; closed and opened Rhino - still nothing. Now whenever I close rhino it asks me if i really want to embed 74mb of data, I click no but still the same question pops every time.
What is there left to do? I’ve attached my file below, in a smaller format
Many thanks!
small test.3dm (9.8 MB)

Hi Alexandra - please contact VRay suppport - this looks like a good place to start -