Vray Next For Grasshopper Material Issues


This is my first time posting on this forum, but I have been having an issue that is really confusing me. I have decent experience with rhino, vray and grasshopper, but I have been trying to learn the new vray next/grasshopper animation tools. My problem is with the materials.

I am attempting to create a material in vray asset manager and apply it via grasshopper “Vray material from project”. However, it is not rendering properly. When I render this material via rhino, it looks totally fine. But when I render using grasshopper, it seems to be ignoring several of the material parameters.


Here is what the material looks like rendered through grasshopper:

Here is what the material looks like rendering through rhino:

Same material but two totally different outcomes. It seems to be registering the color and texture, but grasshopper appears to be ignoring the displacement map.

Here is a photo of this portion of my script. It is very simple, brep running to vray material and then to a render component with the vray material from project applied.

If anyone has any advice please let me know!
Thank you!

maybe its grasshopper standard preview mesh settings

go > display > preview mesh settings > custom quality

I seem to notice the same issue… Grasshopper doesn’t take into account the stored displacement maps and renders materials like a flat surface even when Vray renders these materials as should. Haven’t found a solution yet.

V-Ray for GH indeed does not take into account the displacement. The displacement is applied on objects, not on materials. The “material from project” component yields a material, not an object, hence the displacement is ignored.

For historic reasons in V-Ray for Rhino, there is a special handling of this situation. Back in the days of V-Ray 2 the UI allowed adding a displacement only on the material, and this legacy still haunts us. There are tons of old .vrmat files with displacement in it.

We’re trying to phase this workflow out and put the displacement on the object itself as it is in Rhino itself, but in V-Ray for GH this is not yet an option.

However we’re adding some new features in the upcoming releases, that will enable this feature.