Vray for Rhino cloud rendering

Please suggest alternative for chaos cloud service. Chaos cloud is cool and secured. Just want to see if there is any cheaper option for Vray and Rhino.
I am looking for secure and cheaper option.
Google search is full of cloud rendering service farms.
But not clearly mentioned about Vray and Rhino. So I am confused.

I get some advertisement from Rebusfarm from time to time, but doesn’t used it yet. Looks like they support Vray 3.4…3.6, I’m not sure about Vray next:


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Many thanks! :slight_smile:

Has anybody tried Garagefarm.net ??? Any opinions?

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There are many render farms, which claims to support Vray and rhino, have you tried vfxfarm.com Render farm yet?. I have used it quite a while ago and get superb results.

garagefarm I haven’t used so no opinion regarding that. more render farm supports vray and less rhino.

Hope it helps.

It is not necessary to support Rhino, you just export a .vrscene, and upload that to the render farm