Render farm for Rhino with V-Ray - Looking for beta tester


we’re in the final phase of our beta testing for Rhino with V-Ray and looking for your help to make last improvements.

Render your work on our farm for only half the price and let us know if there are things we can enhance.

The automatic 50% discount only applies as long as we are in beta. So take this chance to render your work for a small price on our render farm and help us to optimize our service.

Use the following link to get started
By the way, if you are new to our renderfarm you will receive a 10 Euro free trial with your registration.

Here you find a tutorial on how to use RebusFarm with Rhino:

We’re looking forward to your feedback.

Best wishes,
your RebusFarm team


Update: our beta phase for Rhino with V-Ray ends on January 31st, 2018. Until then the 50% discount is active and we appreciate any feedback on the service.