Vray.dll breaks visual studio in debugger mode for rhino


Can somebody help with this one.

I just installed V-Ray 3.4 for rhino. Works fine.

But I am developer for rhino grasshopper.

Once I run visual studio in debug mode pop-up window appears from vray.dll and does not allow to continue and open rhino.

When I uninstall vray my visual studio works fine, when install it breaks visual studio…

Can somebody help?

For sure I can disable vray plugin when debugging other scripts. But in my case I am using vray sdk to test my grasshopper component…

@matt_newberg, can you help?

@stevebaer after searching the code base I was unable to find any message like that.

After asking the Bulgarian team Nikola Goranov mentioned that it might be related to AVG anti-virus: https://www.reddit.com/r/bladeandsoul/comments/41va4k/a_debugger_has_been_found_running_on_your_system/

Thanks Matt for looking into this.

Dear @matt_newberg rg

I disabled my Avast an it still produces the same windows pop-up from vray.dll, when v-ray is started to load, it freezes rhino start-up window immediately.

Any other thoughts how to solve it?

Any news on this one? I just ran on the same problem…