Vray Animation Render Frame Numbers on file name

Hey Guys,

When generating the animated render frames in vray it automatically assigns .xxxx chronological number at the end of each frame output. Is there a way to make it not do this? As I am already giving it unique file names for each frame and that data is not really required for me.



Jonas Blazinskas

How do you give unique file names? You don’t use Rhino animation tools or Bongo, right?

Scripting ?

Concatenate your inputs into a single string and plug that in.

More specific? How would one override this specifically for the vray grasshopper component?

Didn’t know it is a grashopper definition, thought it might be a python script

Sorry yes I have missed out the vital information here, my apologies!


I am precisely talking about this component generating those numbers once rendered in animation mode, and looking for a way around it.

Sorry, if an animation is being rendered - a suffix will be added, no way around it.

The mountain and Mohammed tale is going to happen here then. I will have to add this number to my json data that I am trying to keep the same as my image names. Thank you for your help!