Using Rhino Animation/Vray with Render Farm

Ok, so I am using a local render farm (Deadline 7) to do renderings Rhino 5 with Vray 1.5.
It uses a submission script button in Rhino to open Deadline’s submission button submit window.

I want to use the same approach to a Rhino animation which operates differently. It seems to move to the next frame and then use the render command. I want it to instead submit the frame to Deadline.

2 options, neither of which I know how to do.
1: I could edit or make a new macro that runs like Record Animation, but instead of hitting Render it hits Submit to Deadline. Question: how do you edit an existing rhino button?
2: There is some way this works within Vray that automatically moves the frame or something that is most standard.

I know this is a very specific question, but any help could be great.

Looks like you will have better chance if you ask to the Deadline 7 developer.
It’s really linked on how they developed the interface.

V-Ray 2.0 handles this automatically, but I think you need the latest Service Release #2. Look into the 'Batch Render’ feature on the V-Ray Extra toolbar. If you don’t see it, open and dock it manually. Its easy to miss as there’s only four icons on the toolbar.