Curtain Walls - material assignment vray

I cannot figure out how to the assignment of materials works for the curtain walls in version 2.5.1 toghether with vray next. It seems inconsistent and erratic.


Could you provide more information about the error? Maybe an image could be helpful.

It is very easy to reproduce. Just try to create a curtainwall and it will render the glass and mullion material differently.

Essentially, no matter what option is selected for the sub-elements (by layer, by parent or direct assignment) the material assigned to the dynamic curtainwall blocks will override it (both if assigned by object or by layer). The exemple below is with basic settings, with just the glass material assigned by subelement.

The one below is an even stranger result: one curtainwall as a material assigned by object and one by layer and the glass material is turned off. The viewport behaves correcly but in the rendering the visibility of the layer is completely disregarded, so is the material assignement. I suspect it happens with other elements too…

Maybe it has to do more with vray than visualarq:
I am using Rhino 6 V16 / VRAY 3.60.03 / VISUALARQ


I confirm you that there are some issues between V-Ray 3.6 version and VisualARQ.
We are aware of those but due to the way V-Ray 3.6 works it is quite difficult for us to solve them. Luckily this has been solved in the V-Ray 4 version, so the only option to solve that error is to update V-Ray to that last version.

Kind regards

Hello Ramon. Thanks for your answer. For some reason my vray installation was downgraded and I didnt notice. I will let you know if it does happen again