VR and RHINO 6?


It would be interesting to see if we can include VR capability into Rhino 6 using either the Oculus or HTC Vive or even Microsoft Hololens.




Or… Retro.

@pascal - have you seen what the Gumball looks like in anaglyph mode?

VR requires a high framerate of 60fps and Rhino’s displaypipeline is not optimized for speed, so it would be a nauseating experience on complex scenes (unless they use some 360 panorama image buffer). But software like Unity are optimized for fast fast framerates and work very well. I use a custom exporter to quickly get the objects over, so exploring a scene, when set up, is two button clicks, a few seconds waiting and I am teleported.

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Hi Holo,
did you wrote the custom exporter to Unity on your own or did you get it from any software house? Thanks,

I wrote a script that uses obj as format, exports different files based on the layer hierarchy and object visibility to keep re-exporting modifications easier and faster.

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@alexandre_galin is this link useful https://www.mindeskvr.com/site/?

We have recently released a VR plug-in sample for Rhino.

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This is very cool… IF I were able to remove that silly 3D VR headset that has been pulled over my eyes… :smiley:
All I can see is a gray box with inverted “VR” on it, but if I lean back all the way then the camera clipping kicks in and I can get a glimpse of the 3D scene. Looks promising! So… can I remove the 3D object of the headset?
(I presume these are added in case you want to make it into an online share-space for evaluation, but that is just a pure wish/guess)

Ah, worked better in an other file. But then I was silly and changed to Raytraced… just had to try… but that wasn’t a good idea :wink:


Are you talking about the VR plug-in, or something else? There shouldn’t be any box with “VR” text on it.

Yeah, I downloaded and installed the plugin and ran the RhinoVR command. Cool stuff once the “lens cap” was gone. If it is the Oculusdriver or a Rhino thing I don’t know. But it’s gone now.

Ah, yes. I think I know what you mean. If that happens you should exit RhinoVR by running the command again. Then start RhinoVR again.

Edit: Btw, I would suggest you type any feedback to the original thread and not this one. Thanks!

Yeah, that’s what I did :slight_smile:
Cool stuff, will you keep on developing it, or will it stay as a proof of concept thing?
(In other words: Do you want us to use it and comment on it?)


It’s meant to serve as a sample plug-in for developers to show how Rhino can be used to render in VR. We will fix bugs and probably tune the example as time goes on, but we are not making a product here.

Of course, things will get more compelling as we optimize the display further. This is something we are always working on. For now, rendered mode is taking quite a hit, especially with shadows on. It will get better.

To answer your question: Sure, use and comment. But we will always prioritize helping others develop their own VR plug-ins in Rhino, as that is the main purpose of the plug-in.

If you have simple suggestions for how to change/tune the way the plug-in works then you can make a github issue here: https://github.com/mcneel/RhinoVR/issues


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