Rhino and VR

Hi Guys,

Does anyone know of a good plugin for VR in the Rhino Work space?

I note there are several external programs like Mind Desk, Sim Lab, Twinmotion.

As a user of twinmotion, I dont really feel like investing in Mind Desk as its very expensive and not yet totally intuitive from my trial run (although, I assume this will be the future of all work flow).

I just wish that Rhino had a VR button! Any help or suggestions would be very welcome.



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Not really what you are asking but you can import it into unity,Depending on how adept you are.
Pretty easy to get it up and running.

Ive been meaning to give this a try. Also a local design company came up with something

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This first one is really cool, thanks! Will try the second one now too.

I agree it would be awesome.

I gave a try to Gravity Sketch and the potential is huge, it’s much faster to work in VR. I wish Gravity Sketch was more fleshed out with functions, like Rhino.

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