Voronoi with attractor points gh surface

Hi .frass.gh (25.6 KB)

I am really new to gh , and i cant find a tutorial to do attract points or curves to my voronoi , i did create the surface on gh with points and now i want to create a skin with voronoi … but i cant find the way to do it… here is the file i have plus the picture of how more likely i would like this to look…
thank you so much for your help!!

Use that on the edges.

Thank you !,

how do I apply it to the edges?

Thank you @Michael_Pryor I did dowload it, but I cant find how to connected to my edges… as I said I am very new to gp…

when you are a beginner, the best seems to begin by tutorials
Read that

and I advise you to begin with Modelab Grasshopper Primer,

And also read that if you have further question