Voronoi on helicoid

Hello everyone,

I am trying to loft some curves which I got from a voronoi on a helicoid surface but I always get some bad curves and can not figure out how to resolve it so I can loft all of them.
Anyone has any clue how to proceed with this?

Alexandros 1111.gh (13.7 KB)

In this case, I would rather use a different method using Surface Morph.

1111_re.gh (23.4 KB)


Hello Kim,

I was trying to resolve it with a similar way now but I didn’t make it to work.
Yours works perfect though.
Thank you very much.


Kim do you know why when I try to convert to a mesh I get that weird surface?

Increase the U & V count individually…

It seems though that instead of meshing the voronoi pattern it meshes the whole helicoid.

I just don’t quite get what you’re trying to achieve… The final result from Surface Morph is already a closed brep, so you can convert it to mesh instantly by using Mesh Brep when if you need the final result should be a mesh for 3D print or whatever… You don’t have to use Brep Join.( or evenDeconstruct Brep?)
Or you can make a mesh geometry from the first place before usingSurface Morph.
See the revised definition.

HelicoidVoronoi_rev2.gh (27.9 KB)


Hello Kim,

Actually this is the end result I was looking for to use Catmul on the final mesh but I could not get the mesh to work properly.
Your final definition work great. :muscle:

Thank you very much