Voronoi extrusion between surfaces of an imported solidworks object

Dear All,

Here is my goal: I have this solid that I created in solidworks:

It is an enclosure. You can see that the interior has an offset version of the largest enclosure’s inner surface (right now it is just a surface with no thickness, but the produced one will be 1mm thick). I would like to:

1/ draw a voronoi pattern on the outside surface of the offset enclosure, and extrude it up to the inner surface of the largest enclosure. In short fill the space between the two enclosures with an extruded voronoi pattern.

2/ export it back to solidworks (can be .stp)

The goal is to CNC the pattern either from the offset enclosure or the greater one.
I have tried my best on solidworks, but there are topology problems. I briefly tried nTopology, it works somehow, but first I have an old pc (I7 4770k 32Gb DDR3, geforce 2080Ti) and nTopology crashes often, and combined with that, I do not manage to export back the lattice to solidwork (mostly because it crashes when trying their mesh/implict body to CAD blocks).

Is it something doable with Rhino/GH? I tried some starting tutorials on youtube, but I am already stuck as just defining my imported body as a SubD

Any help would be great! Thanks!

Just in case, I join the rhino file.

v1af2.3dm (1.6 MB)