Voronoi cell problem

I want to make the inner of this voronoi as a pannel that can rotate reltavie to sun

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Welcome to the forum and as I think you are not a native English so it could be useful you read that :

For your problem there are many solutions and as you surfaces are not flat they have many normals. So it is difficult to know the nominal position.
Let say the sun is at (0,0, infinity)

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Thanks for your help
I am not a native English and this is my first project in Grasshoper and first question also
I apologise a lot if my way of asking was impolite bu it was an unintentional mistake because English is not my native language
I will read this article that I sent
I apologize again

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I’m not sure about your goals but perhaps this is useful?

Voronoi_2021Jan10a.gh (20.4 KB)

Thanks for your help abd effort
I’m Trying to make a pavilion

If you can be more specific, someone might be able to help further.

Again, that isn’t enough information. Do you want each of these rings to follow the sun independently? That doesn’t sound very likely? (cyan group)

Voronoi_2021Jan10b.gh (27.0 KB)