Volume readout that updates with changes in object and displays weight?

I have drawn a known cardboard box 3, wall thickness and weighed it, used analyze to get volume.

Can I have it such that a readout calculates any changes in my box size and thus volume, and displays a new weight, given that I have worked out grammes / volume = a conversion factor ?

I get
1506 CM3
weighs 294 g
thus 0.1952191 g per cubic cm

if it was a circle and I had a curve length dimension attached, altering diameter sees that figure change, just wondering if such was possible ?

Boxes calculation for ebay.3dm (255.3 KB)


The native tools in Rhino do not support that.
I think this is something that could be done using Grasshopper.


Just fyi,. this (volume) is possible in V7/WIP with text fields.


Thanks guys,
I am about to start on grasshopper when I can find a day, or now 2 to read those threads in the link.

Can I run V7 WIP without having V6 yet ?