Using Object Volume

Hi, is there any way I can modify the volume shown of an object to display its weight i.e lead is 11.34gm/cm³ or plastics instead of cubic mm. This would be a huge time saver when developing complex objects to a specific weight, being able to input the density and have Rhino do the calculation.

I have a python script that does this for my jewellery pieces. Volume * SG of the material. Try this thread, I think i posted the script there. It saves you doing the math by hand, lol

If that one doesn’t work, try this one. (1.1 KB)


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WeightSilver worked great and I was able to create both a lead and plastic script. However I have spent the last couple of hours trying to figure out how to convert scripts to buttons I can add to my tools. Feeling thick…AGAIN. do we have an idiots guide to convert python script to tool button for the Mac ?

try this post by @Helvetosaur

Once you create the button, use this as a macro ! _-RunPythonScript Scriptname

I believe the scripts have to reside in the correct Rhino folder. See this post also.

I do keep all my scripts in Dropbox like this post says. I also just run my scripts from Atom



Thanks an absolute TON, it works much better than I had hoped for and got my buttons labelled up. I’ve never played with scripts before , very useful. My only issue was, being over whelmed by the number of links and trying to describe what I wanted to do in searches. Again Thanks Rudi

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