Visualisation Probes - Parsing Failed - No Data

i use Eddy 3D for my wind / comfort simulations in my thesis. When running the simulations (simple wind analysis / annual wind analysis) i always get the Error : 1. “Parsing of the probes failed. This data does not exist yet. Please run the probing component.” When i delete the “Button” the visualisation appears.

This error occures no matter which version of Rhino and Eddy i combine.
Right now i use Eddy 0.3.8 with Rhino 7.22, Bluecfd 2017, win 10.

It occures in the templates aswell as in my own scripts. Its not a big Problem with the simple wind analysis, but when the script gets bigger, deleting the bollean toggle brings more errors afterwards.

Do you have a solution?

Best regards

Hi @Jonny_Stein sorry for the late response. I am forwarding this to my colleague to see if he knows. One thought is maybe the individual components are still an older version of Eddy? Try deleting that component from the example script, and just replace it from the Eddy toolbar. Sometimes rhino does not auto-update the individual components in scripts to latest version. See if that fixes it.