VisProb Error

thank you a lot for this plug-in! I was running the Simple Wind Analyze template and VisProbes component got this error: ‘Parsing of the probes failed, this data does not exist yet, please run the probing component.’ I did exactly according to the tutorial. This error happenes only when the number of mesh plane vertecies is too high. Do you have any idea what could be the problem?

EDDY TEST 1.3dm (749.0 KB) EDDY TEST (29.7 KB)

Hi Le,

Would you mind posting some more information about your setup? Are you running Rhino 7?
Unfortunately, the latest release of Eddy3D currently only works with Rhino 6, as McNeel changed some internals in their libraries that renders the R7 update incompatible. We will issue a fix soon.



Hello Patrick,

I figured it out. I am running on Rhino6 Window Parallels.

All it needed was to replace VisProb’s boolean from Button to Boolean Toggle. I think when you press Button it calculates just for the duration of time as you keep the Button pressed. As result it never finished fully the calculation. If you replace it with Boolean Toggle it will calculate to the end.

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