VisualARQ on Rhino Mac? When?



are there any news on the timeline for the VisualARQ plug in for the mac version of Rhino? Would be great to know.

Thanks a lot.

(Francesc Salla) #2

Hi @atzepe, there are still not. I’ll let you know when there are any news regarding this development.


Hi @fsalla, what a pity.
Thanks for reply

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Even now no update on when this could happen?

(Francesc Salla) #5

Hi msmr, there’s no news yet about VisualARQ development on MAC.


So sad!

(Christophercurtissmith) #7

Will VisualARQ be compatible for mac when Rhino 6 for mac comes out?

(Francesc Salla) #8

@christophercurtissmi I don’t think so. Take a look at this post: VisualARQ for Mac