VisualARQ menu loading

What is the file to drag into Rhino to load the VisualARQ menu when VisualARQ was installed but not loaded?

Hello @Charles_THIERRY_DE_V,

I am not sure if I understand your question. You can load VisualARQ just by running one of its commands.

one of our customers bought visualarq and the installation did not go well. He had to manually load the RHP file and the RUI file to get the toolbar and the commands but in his menu the visual functions are not available while those of the toolbar are available. The command line works but it does not necessarily know the commands to enter for the functions that are normally referenced in the menu

Hello @Charles_THIERRY_DE_V,

What do you mean? Could he share a video of the current behaviour?

Does he have Tibidabo and VisualARQ loaded and enabled in the Rhino options?