VisualARQ bug - beam extract solids omits some solids

Hi VisualARQ team,
the video shows the case, where the _vaExtractSolids command does not produce solids that do not currently intersect with the beam object.

I had to recently change the profile for hundreds of beams, and as I cannot boundary select all the internalised boolean solids, I extracted them, moved them and then subtracted. At this point, I realised that some holes were missing.

Rhino Version 7 SR24 (7.24.22308.15001, 2022-11-04)
VisualARQ Version - (2022/09/01)

Here is another case, where the solid touches the beam, but still is omitted by the extract solid command.

Here is the beam for testing.
HoleBeam.3dm (194.7 KB)

In Grasshopper it works normally, so that’s now a workaround.

Hi Toni,
I can see this issue happens only with the cylinders, right? I’ll report it and get back when we fix it!

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@Toni_Osterlund Developers just realized that the missing cylinders are actually extracted, but they are in a hidden layer. I admit I didn’t realize it either.

Thank you for the explanation. Of course they are, silly me.
Not the first time that this has happened, actually.

Might be good to add to the command that it automatically turns the corresponding layers on…?

Not sure if everyone would be happy with this.
We can consider showing a message in the command line saying something like “some of the extracted objects are in a hidden layer”

That would be enough for me.
Or, even better:
“Some of the extracted objects are on a hidden layer.
Turn layers on?
Yes / No”

Ok, we will consider this option when we implement this change.

Also keep in mind that this is the default Rhino behaviour when copying blocks from file to file.

That’s a good observation.