Visibility of objects created in Grasshopper within the Rhino 7 Windows

Hi there.

I have made a small discovery which I think centres a visibility problem we have with objects created in Grasshopper and visualised in Rhino 7. It is we presume in the mix of settings for Rhino 7 that we have created in running through the standard install, and the use of LadyBug Tools v1.3 plugins for Grasshopper. This happens on a whole bunch of student lab computers. I have created a small animated visualisation to show what we encounter.

Essentially, the LBT 1.3 script creates all the input geometry, runs the analyses and outputs the graphics to Rhino 7. In this situation, controlling what we see in the standard Rhino ports is something over which we have limited control. Sometimes they are there. Sometimes not. When we first run LBT 1.3, not.

The script has a bunch of model visualisation tools provided to help the users visualise the model prior to running the model (e.g. a graphic representation of the rooms and their R-values). Turning these on and off seems to trigger the visualisation of the other objects. But even this is not reliable. Zooming in and out amongst the various graphics produces oddly variable visibility.

In the past 24 hours, we have discovered an apparent cure: draw any object in the Rhino window. All the objects appear AND zooming in an out has no effect on visibility.

I have created a youtube demonstration of the phenomenon (not a solution, but a way of working around the issue, so if this provides insights into what Rhino settings we need to change, I would be ever so grateful):

Hi Michael -
I’m afraid a video doesn’t help me much - I’ll need the information as requested here:

That is, a gh file without any LBT components and the SystemInfo from one of the computers this behavior is occurring on.

Possibly this should be[Visibility of Objects when I zoom](Possibly to be found under: Things disappear when I zoom in closer - #10 by nathanletwory) be found under:
Things disappear when I zoom in closer - #10 by nathanletwory

Kia ora Wim

I seem to have identified this as a generic visibility issue in Rhino 7. I have just imported an fbx file into Rhino and have the same visibility issues.

If I zoom into the perspective model, the models disappear…

Basic model in first picture. Second picture shows zooming in orthogonal views seems to function well, but in perspective top fight model has half-disappeared due to some camera clip function over which I seem to have no control. One more click forward of the scroll wheel and the whole model disappears…

Hi Michael -

Without the actual 3dm file, there is not much debugging that can be done here…
And, as requested before, please post the SystemInfo.