Visibility of nested blocks not consistent

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hope this isn’t part of an existing topic, i just didn’t find a solution (the issue is close to the issue RH-23297, but not the same…)
I am working with nested blocks (e.g. for furniture), These “XD” blocks contain 2D and 3D sub-blocks, to allow for changing the model from 3D to 2D mode (e.g. floor-plan or elevation) by changing the visibility of the layer the sub-blocks are on. When starting from scratch everything works fine, but suddenly (after adding more elements, different blocks, layers, …) one of the nested blocks isn`t doing what he is supposed to do, with no reason (at least not reasonable to me), might be some kind of layer-index(?) problem, because sometimes I can heal it by changing/renaming the layer, und updating the block information to reimport the layer again. Difficult to explain, but I have attached a sample file, where the problem should be understandable.

Sample-file-visibility-problem-140313.3dm (467.3 KB)

You will see it is not possible to switch off only the 2D floor plan, but it is possible to do so with the 2D-Elevation. Both are 2nd level blocks with the same elements… With the 2D-floor plan layer switched off you will see the nested block suddenly disappear, after you double-click the block for editing…

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thanks, ulrich.

Hi Ulrich- I see this, I do not have a good explanation yet; so far it looks like a bug.

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Added to our bug tracker as
These are not visible to the public yet.


Hello Pascal,
any progress on this issue? can imagine this is a rare problem, but for us it is really essential…
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Hi Ulrich- all I can say at the moment is that it is on the ‘pile’. I’ve checked with the developer, I have no idea where this is in his very long list…


I’ve just run into the same symptoms in one of my projects. Here’s a cleaned-up file illustrating it.

Problematic Layer Demo.3dm (613.7 KB)

I saw on the bug tracker that this could have been caused by a per-viewport visibility override, though in my case the problem occurs in all viewports (including any new ones I create) and does not occur for normal objects–just blocks. It’s definitely a layer issue since when changing the layers of the nested blocks the problem occurs with any blocks on that layer.

What I’ve found so far:

  • The problem only occurs on blocks-within-blocks (if a top-level parent block is placed on the problem layer, it behaves normally, and objects on the problem layer that are within blocks behave normally as long as their block is not itself on the problem layer)
  • The problem may be related to importing objects/blocks/layers from AutoCAD, but I have not been able to consistently/repeatably create problematic layers this way.

Hi Ben - please try the Rhino ‘WIP’ and see if that works any better. The WIP can be downloaded from the link in in the ‘Welcome’ message on the Serengeti group, here on the Discourse forum.