Viewport View reference

I got trouble to obtain View from the Viewport.
Situation looks like this. I have a sheet with viewport, this viewport shows given view of a flat, in flat there are some rooms I need to extract data from.

I’m stuck at obtaining View that Viewport is showing. I can inspect element (Viewport) and get parameter “Identity data: View Name” but that is just a name string, I would like to obtain true View element.

Hi Barden00, That property isn’t exposed, here’s a quick solution. (9.9 KB)

Hi @barden00,

Now v1.16 enables different conversions to help here.

  • View → Viewport (if placed on a sheet)
  • View → Sheet (if placed on a sheet)
  • Viewport → View
  • Viewport → Sheet

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Thanks guys, I will give it a try.