Viewport very slow

Hello Guys hope you all doing fine,

I am using Rhino a while now for 2d and 3d drawings.
Since the beginning, i got the problems that when the Drawings getting heavy (doesnt matter if 3D or 2D)
it is getting hard to move inside the viewport, you can cleary see how it stucks by moving the viewport or zooming in.

For example if i have a large 2D drawing with hatchings, blocks etc. it is absolutly killing the workflow.
If i now open the same file inside the DWG TrueViewer from Autocad it runs perfectly fluent.

For me my System can’t be the problem:

i7 8700K
64GB Ram 3200Mhz
M2 1GB Disk
Geforce 2070

so should be more than enough for running 2d Drawings fluent?
Does somebody has the same issue ? and maybe found a solution already?

If you click on the link below you can download the file which makes me problems.

best regards

Hi Jens -

This is slow here as well. It doesn’t look like the blocks are different instances of the same definitions and this is causing unnecessary overhead. Exploding all blocks and purging makes this quite a bit faster on my machine. But, yes, there are 410 000+ objects in the file…

Hello @wim,

much appreciate your answer.
yes the same here, if i explode the blocks it works a bit faster.
But for me there is the questions, why Rhino start stucking with many objects, and for example Autodesk not?

whats the different there?

i also started a new drawing from scratch and just drawed a rectangle and a circle, then created an Array so i have close to 500.000 objects. Again in Rhino it starts stucking and when i export this file to Autocad it runs fluent?
Whats the “problem” respectively whats the different?

best regards