New GTX780TI is not giving me the performance i expected!

I design jewelry in rhino
When I’m working on large and complex jewelry like necklace with many Diamonds ,Or bracelet with skulls
rhino very slow in shaded or renderd
and Rhino OpenGL is set to use accelerated hardware
i test this file
12.29 s in testmaxspeed
1:30 minutes for shading
New GTX780TI is not giving me the performance i expected !!! ???
how I get more performance ? What is wrong ? , If I replace to new Quadro K4000 It better ? ?
my system
i7-4770 3.4ghz boost 3.9ghz 8M
8GB DDR3 1600
240 GB SSD
rhino 5 64bit sr7
windows 7 x64

This topic speaks about tests & statistics of performance.

check to make sure you have your Nvidia card set to “workstation app dynamic streaming”
this seems to cure most quadro ills relating to rhino…also make sure you update your drivers. Nvidia releases new one’s every month or so-


Hi Avi,

I wouldn’t invest in another GPU in hopes of a faster display. The one you have looks great although I haven’t tried one of them here.

In Rhino 5, the ratio of time spent managing objects (CPU) vs. time spent drawing objects (GPU) is quite high, so it doesn’t matter how much faster your GPU gets, your speeds will still be slow with the largest models because they’re bound to the CPU times. In other words, increasing the speed in the area where speed was never the problem will not improve things. The GPU is not the problem, so changing from one modern GPU to another will not provide a faster display with large models.

Improving object management speeds is definitely something on the list to for future versions of Rhino but I can’t say when and to what effect any changes would have at this point. The techniques I know of to gain speed with the display now are to reduce the render mesh either globally or per object, combine mesh objects or extract render meshes and render those versus displaying the original NURBS model.

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Unfortunately, that doesn’t work for people like me for whom the render isn’t the main point of the display. The display is very slow when working with dense topographic maps composed of curves for example, or complex polysurface models like a truss structure where it is necessary to display the edge curves as well as the surfaces.



GeForce drivers don’t have the “workstation app dynamic streaming” option that increases 25% performance on Quadro cards.