Viewport: Flimmering effect when hatches srfs intersect on the same plane

Was just wondering. I really hate this viewport effect. can it be switched off?
grafik grafik

also happens when 2 surfaces with different colors intersect.

Hi Anika - with hatches you can use draw order to sort it out… not with surfaces though. (BringToFront, SendToBack etc)


bringtofront/sendtoback doesnt work when the hatches are in the same place/plane… at least here. Rhino6 SR11
just saying… on the surface this kinda makes the software look bad … which it is not.

Hi Anika - it should, that is the whole point - if you have an example, please post it. Also, try ClearDrawOrder and then start over with BringToFront on one of the hatches.


2hatches.3dm (37.9 KB)
Hi pascal. Tried that. It doesnt work when they are on the same plane. Attached the file… could you check how it is rendered in your viewport?


Hi Anika - depending on which one is brought to the front -


… ok now i found out it only happens in shaded and rendered dpmode. here, bringtofront/sendtoback doesnt work neither.
in wireframe it works for me.

Hi Anika - I only see two co-planar hatches fighting for attention in Rendered views so far, and only while actively tumbling a perspective view.