ViewCaptureToFile Scale bug

Hi McNeel,

There seems to be a bug with -ViewCaptureToFile if you are capturing a Layout view and you make the Scale bigger than 1. I am working with a 30"x42" sheet size in my Layout view, and my actual display screen is zoomed in to show approximately 40% of the whole page, roughly in the upper right-hand corner. None of the Layout page borders are seen on my display screen.

When I set the -ViewCaptureToFile Scale to 2 or 3, the actual .tif produced is a blowup of the lower left corner of the Layout, not where my display is currently showing. Only when the Scale is set to 1 does the -ViewCaptureToFile accurately grab the portion of the Layout that I am actually looking at on screen.


Thanks, I filed this as for future reference.