ViewCaptureToClipboard not working on 7

I use this command fairly often to do presentations in Photoshop and InDesing. For some reason when I type the command in Rhno then I go to Photoshop to paste the clipboard there is nothing to paste. It works great in 6

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I logged a bug earlier this week that might be related.
If you specify a Custom resolution that is larger than your Windows Desktop, the capture fails. Resolutions less than or equal to the Windows Desktop work fine.

Does this describe your situation?

I’m sorry for intruding here but this sounds exactly like an issue I’m experiencing. My Windows resolution is set to FHD but I cannot capture anything that is bigger than this:

  • Using the ViewCaptureToFile command and setting Scale Factor to anything above 1 while using 1920x1080 simply does not save the image. But the command line reads “Image successfully saved”.
  • My automated GHPython implementation simply returns None from the ViewCapture.CaptureToBitmap() method.
  • Using ViewCapture.CaptureToBitmap(ViewCaptureSettings) static method also fails when setting a dpi resolution (for example 300 dpi for a print image).

If it helps I’ll gladly provide files or code. I’d really appreciate this being fixed to generate images for printing again :slight_smile: