View Render Meshes in Rhino Viewport

Hi All
I know I can view the render mesh of a single object or multiple objects when going into Custom Render Mesh for that object BUT…

  1. Is there a way to view the Rhino current render meshes of ALL the objects directly in the Rhino Viewport?
    Reason:. So I can see how the Global Render Mesh settings are affecting my model.

  2. Is it also possible to somewhere see the current render mesh count?
    Reason: So I can optimise the global render mesh settings for my model/scene and know whether changes are actually making things worse or better.

Currently I can adjust render mesh settings based on the appearance of visual artifacts like faceted corners and curves, but being able to optimise my model render mesh number and visibility would make my viewport response faster and also speed up my Vray renders which seem to rely on the render mesh settings too since I have faster Vray renders with reduced mesh settings.
Michael VS

The command ShowRenderMesh shows the meshes. ToggleRenderMesh and HideRenderMesh - well those should be obvious :smile:

The command PolygonCount works on the render meshes if the surfaces containing the render meshes are selected.

That helps alot.