Finding Rhino tutorial videos on commands in actual way?


I am struggling to know where the videos on the various tools and commands and procedures, good practice etc are held.


I need to see RebuildCrvNonUniform put to actual use in a tutorial, I google McNeel Rhino tutorials and get this page :-

I type RebuildCrvNonUniform and it finds nothing. try again with rebuild, nothing.

There are projects such as waterbottle etc, but to have to sit through an entire project hoping to see RebuildCrvNonUniform in use is not the quick fix I am after. It might not even be there.

I youtube it and find nothing.

I have a visual Tips dvd for V4 but nothing for V5.

Where are the mini tutorials on tools and commands held ? I just wish to see the options and this tool put to actual use.
I dont see a way that e.g the waterbottle video could or would have an index to take me to its usage.

is there a V5 version of the V4 dvd I have ?

I also search the pdf level 2 but no mention of RebuildCrvNonUniform


There are like 1000 commands in Rhino. You were expecting 1000 tutorials? --Mitch

Hi Steve,

You’re right, the videos on our Learn webpage are mostly about modeling workflows.

You do have the videos in the Help file though. These videos are short and exclusive to each command. There aren’t videos for all commands, but most of them are covered. You can type the command and press F1, so the Help opens on that specific command. Or you could dock the Help panel on the side to quickly access command descriptions and videos.

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Helvetosaur…yes I was, well certainly as was created in V4 visual tips DVD there are videos seen on a Rhino interface with grids etc on the tools.



I am missing this with V5…does it not exist ? to move fwd to V5 yet backward with the training videos :frowning:

so thinking its to be had online, I cant find such tutorials now.

VaneSteeg…Thanks but the help command is not what I am after here, it doesnt give me what I need , its very quick, no timeline to pause and drag and study whats happening.

for example you watch the cage editing in the V4 tips and watch it in the F1, miles apart :frowning: there is no mouse movement or clicks to follow as in the visual tips, its not like looking at a real world example and I am still none the wiser when the options I see listed are not explained or run through.

I end up trying to use youtube, but I am open to a variety of viewing quality and accents ! its not always followable.

I am thinking McNeel must have such tutorials somewhere for learners. I shouldnt be relying on youtubers.

I sometimes come across a video channel which seems to be official McNeel with HD full screen option and I had the feeling I had tapped into the videos but where are these accessed or held with Indexing ? Vimeo or something like that.
I see Pascal has a video there so maybe I have opened the door on a McNeel site or is this privately done ?

I look at the videos listed and wonder which one has the command I am interested in.
needs an index of what vids feature what commands and ideally where, then rather than have to play the entire set, one could play the relevant video. If vid makers were to list the commands used at the start that would be something.

Its all a bit woolly and vague on where the specific videos are but I have found some more by luck than judgement and I wish to learn.

Just hoping to find something on RebuildCrvNonUniform for example.

I have searched for that, its not in levels 1 or 2 training guides, not on the internet. wishing to learn and finding nothing on it. CommandHelp doesnt have a video. I am dragging point and not understanding what or where, whats going on.

I need to see something with a desired effect and what to do to get there. Ideally my aerofoils with this tool giving them all a point distribution keeping their shape, whilst giving them all matching cv count and structures.

I am told to get back to the learning desk and I am trying but failing to find what I need to view.


Maybe what you want is

Have you tried experimenting with it? Open a new project, create several curves and try RebuildCrvNonUniform on the curves with various options and parameter values. Experimenting is one of my major ways of learning.

I did a whole course on Rhino 5 over at It is an introductory-type of course, but 30,000 people have watched it and the reviews are excellent. [Click for 10 days free if you’re not a member]

But you raise an important point. There have been discussions to transition to shorter ‘project-based’ mini-courses where we can address more advanced features and focused workflows. After I finish the current course, I will keep you posted on new developments.

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