Video card quadro K620 or quadro K2000

Can anyone tell me what would be the better choice for a videocard regarding rhino and Vray. I sometimes work with rather complex interior scenes with a lot of objects in them. My new computer will have an i7 4770 CPU or will (

Processor 1 x Intel Xeon E5-1620 / 3.6 GHz ( 3.8 GHz ) ( Quad-Core ) be better? 32 GB of Ram and i am trying to figure out which videocard to choose. Nvidia quadro seems the way to go and maybe someone can tell what would be the better choice a quadro K620 or a quadro K2000? Or maybe even goiing upward to a quadro 3000?

Regards, René

Have you seen this web page?

I found the predecessor to the K620 (the 600) to work OK, but slower, for small models. If you will be doing models with lots of objects, I would suggest at least the K2200 and even the K4200. The K620 has 2GB DDR3 memory, which is slower than the 4GB DDR5 in the K200 and K4200. The K620 has 384 cores (GPU processors), the K2200 has 640, and the K4200 has 1344. More, faster memory and more cores translates directly into faster processing of bigger models.

The advantage of the Xeon processor is that it can use ECC memory. How important that is these days is open to discussion, but I have always used ECC. You are definitely heading in the right direction by getting the fastest CPU you can for Rhino.

Just one guy’s opinion.

I have a new machine that was built with Rhino 5 64bit in mind. This is a custom built machine and the people that sold it to me said at the time this was the best on the market for what I needed, it cost less than the card I had picked but they assured me that this was the best choice. i7 4820K with Asus GeForce GT 640 2GB Passive E3C0YZ133386. The new machine is amazing and anything and everything I do in Rhino is super fast.

Hope this is of some help… All my best … Danny


thanks for your reply. Do you render in vray with this machine? And if so is that working well?

I have not used this machine with V-Ray as I use Brazil. I would think with the power this machine has it would pretty much excel with most of the software out there.

All my best … Danny

Dell , to make things easier, vray needs like any renderer a decent CPU, the graphics card is when you work in shading for example and want to see textures in rendered mode. But renderings are always CPU dependent.
The renderers that would require a kick ass graphics card would be for real time renderings like Octane .
Hope this helps

That “truth” is changing fast and Vray RT uses the GPU too:

Unfortunately I don’t have a solution for you, as GeForce has a history of being slower on many and larger meshes in Rhino, but apparently this has changed with SR9 and new drivers. Check it out though.

That said, the K2200 is supposed to be a great card and faster than the Quadro 4000 that I have. Quadro’s are workhorses (underclocked compared to Geforce) that run cool.

I finally received my new computer with the k2200 quadrocard. A bit disappointing there does not seem to be a hell of a speed difference with my old machine. When i show all viewports and set the perspective to rendered things get really slow when i try, for instance, to move an object in another viewport.
Allso is the rt-engine not working at all as it seems. I was kind of looking forward to a machine that can handle rt rendering and rhino scens with a lot of objects int it…
I changed the settings of the card specifically for rhino and that speeded things up but only a little bit.
Rendering seems to go a bit faster but also not a huge difference here.
Does anybody know how to tune this card for rhino?
My old computer had a geforce GT220 with only 1 Gb of memory and is outperforming by far the cuadrocard regarding value for money.
Anybody knows the secret button i have to push?

Regards, René