Very slow on writing file in a network folder

Hi everybody, I’m using opennurbs to give 3dm import-export capabilities to my Cad-Cam sw.
I’m facing with a very slow performance while writing a file in a network folder. The writing bandwidth I can see it’s of only 10-15 KBps. The file is 10MB so it takes a biblic time to complete.
If I save the file in a local temporary path and than copy the file to the same location it’s almost instantaneous.
The code I use to open and save file is taken from the example_write.cpp:

ONX_Model model;

//Prepare model with data ...

FILE* archive_fp = ON::OpenFile( file_path, L"wb");
ON_BinaryFile archive( ON::write3dm, archive_fp );
model.Write(archive,my_3dm_version); //<== here hangs up for 10 minutes with a 10MB file

Have you ever had the same issue? Am I doing something wrong?

I cannot say I’ve heard of this. Is Rhino slow too?