Vertices sequence become randomly after using "Offset Curve on Surface"

Dear all,

I am trying to offset several curves with same vertices sequence. When the base surface is flat plane, it works fine with “offset curve” componenet. But when I use “offset on surface”, the vertices sequence became randomly. It also happens with python script.

The problem is when I twisted base surface, the “offset curve” is not working since the base plane is no longer a flat plane.

This mostly happened at 0 to 1 degree. Occassionally happened after 1 degree.

Does anybody know why it happens?



origianl curves end points

offset curve (in plane) component end points

offset curve on surface component end points

offset curve on surface(python script) end points
offset crv on (18.4 KB)

This is a R6 problem, in R5 the points are in the correct place. You can fix it like this.

offset crv on srf - fix (22.1 KB)

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Thank you so much Michael. Smart solution.