Vertical Dimensions are grossly off

I can’t figure this out and wonder if someone out there can point me to the right direction.
For whatever reason, this vertical dimension is completely off. I checked the property setting. It’s all good.
Thank you

Hi George - can you save off a version of this file that has the dimension and the objects being dimensioned (I assume the full file is much more complicated) and post that. You can also just send the entire file, here or to, with a link back here in your comments.


It looks like you’re dimensioning in Layout page. Is that right?
In that case, there are 2 unit systems potentially being dimensioned: The model space units of the geometry and the layout space units of the page.
If you snap to features of the model space geometry, your dimension will display the distance in model units.
If you don’t snap to the geometry, the dimension will display a distance on the page space, which will be different from the model space distance, depending on how the detail is zoomed.