Versions gone Wild

I had been getting “Out of Disk Space” errors recently. I have been deleting and deleting and deleting and deleting.

I have a 512GB SSD and disk usage tools report 130GB in use but the Mac says 6GB are free.

In playing around with the command line I found that it appears file versioning is taking up the missing disk space. I suspect most of that is rhino files.

In ye olde days we had the PURGE/KEEP= command to get rid of old versions. Does anyone know how to do the equivalent on Mac?

I never thought about this until now.
I check the dropdowns in Rhino. Under file is an interesting point “Revert to” -> browse all Versions. while clicking this you get in an time machine looking menu with all Version.
My Question now is: How can I delete old sometimes very old versions of the file?!

“Navigate to the File > Revert To > Browse All Versions… When the Version explorer appears, move the mouse pointer to upper border of your screen and the Rhinoceros menu bar will appear. Under File > Revert To you can delete a single old version or - if you hold down the option/alt key - you can delete all previous versions”


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The problem I have is that I need a massive purge. I’ve got nearly 400GB in versions. I suspect most of that is rhino stuff but it could be anything.


Was tempted to address your scenario, but concerned about leading someone astray. If you go down this path ensure that all your data is safely backed up and tread lightly. Google - DocumentRevisions-V100

Here is one hit:

I do the cleaning of “versions” regularly. For this “OnyX” use. After starting it and checking the disk, select the delete icon (the broom) then “miscellaneous” check on “versions of documents saved automatically”. At the end reboot and the memory under “other” (which includes document versions) is available again.


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I’ve played with OnyX before. Couldn’t recall if it purged versions. If it does, this is likely a safer route than mucking with terminal to do same, when one is neither versed nor comfortable with such, and if one really has no other alternative to recapture necessary boot drive disk space in a hurry.

Yes, you can recover the memory in a few minutes.


That is actually what I did. Apple support told me to reinstall the OS. I figured that I might as well try blowing away that directory first. If it had screwed up something, it would have been no worse than a reinstall.

I had to reboot for the disk space to show up: 370GB of space.

I have gone from disk constrained to plenty of free space.


While periodic clean installations do have their benefits beyond Versions purge, doing so can certainly be time consuming and disruptive. You took the short cut…:wink:

You prompted me to check my DocumentRevisions-V100 consumption out of curiosity. Was 1.9GB.

How the heck did you get to 370GB? (Perhaps my lack of accumulation is due to the fact that I never click ‘Save’ anymore, and hence do not compile many versions…?)

Last night I got a warning message saying my frequent saves are likely to create a lot of version space.

The problem is that I have to do a save before every Intersection operation otherwise, Rhino might lock up and I lose my work.

I would advise you to do copy paste of the parts to intersect on a new file and use the intersection command. then do the reverse path to bring the intersection lines back to the original file. I often do this.


Tactic I use as well! Good to know I’m not the only ‘knucklehead’…:wink:

@Zsimon @ec2638 See my comments about the intersect command here.

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Thank @marlin FWIW - I have not experienced the intersection issue, but do use @zsimon technique when appropriate.