Version 6 request

Could we please have an “uncheck all” button in the selection filters box? Having to uncheck everything and then check what filter you need is a big time waster. (If there is already a way to do this PLEASE tell me!)


Hi Dennis,

Try the RMB for this
In addition click again on the now single item with RBM :slight_smile:

What I do miss however is an ALL ON functionality; maybe a double click on any button could set all on again?

Also, this RMB feature is almost impossible to discover without ‘reading the manual’
How about adding something in the tooltip:

With a Mouse button Icon line with buttons:

Text could be
LMB toggle [type]
RMB isolate [type]


Hi Willem - two right-clicks in Disable will get them all in to a checked state. Oh, I see you found that already… double on any might work but not any more discoverable…


Thanks Willem. Talk about un-obvious! How hard would a toggle check box be?


No, Actually I did not, only found that this worked for singled out items.Never found this worked for Disable item.
Thanks for the tip!


The Osnap right-click thing is listed here along with other handy tid-bits:

Ironic how this has the pleonastic title “hidden secrets”.

I think anything build in the UI to make this better discoverable is to be pursued. This to make pages on a wiki as obsolete as possible.


OK, I’ll bite.
What U/I would you suggest to make the right-click Osnap “secret” discoverable?

The tooltips with mouse button indications for functionality. A checkbox that behaves different for the left and right mouse button is uncoventional.
Apart from that an ‘All’ check box could not hurt. The few extra pixels will probably make a lot of casual users really happy.

I would prefer an all/none toggle checkbox so it’s obvious. There are TWELVE options in the section filter box. Since I want to use a filter I obviously don’t want all options checked to start. I want to clear all of them and select the one(s) I need. Then when I’m done, have the filter reset to all.


How do you pop up the selection filter?

And @John_Brock I just tried the middle button only to find another menu and when I let go of the MMB then it saved… who thought THAT was good UI??? That was just stupid as I just ruined a file where undo could not restore the settings I had just done… The MMB menu should not work like that. I expect it to pop up and at release stay open until I LMB the icon I want.