Selection Filter needs another button

The selection filter tool has enough selection categories that changing from nearly all to nearly none takes a lot of clicks. A button to “invert selection” of the selection categories would really speed things up. Or am I missing something?

Hi Al - there are some hidden tricks - Right-click on any filter will set that one and turn the others off. Right-click again on the same filter and it will restore the previous on/off configuration. Right click on Disable will disable all, two right clicks will enable all.


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What’s rma’s stance on how to unhide these?
Is there thinking done on how to make the GUI tricks more discoverable?


We’re all ears for suggestions :slight_smile: It’s a tough balancing act between having everything hidden and undiscoverable and filling up the screen with a ton of widgets which can be a bit of an overload.

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Maybe a topic in Rhino’s Help with this kind of tricks, and little animations like the ones explaining commands, I find those little videos extremely helpfull to explain to other people how new commands works…

Thanks, Pascal.

Since I run the WIP on a machine without internet access, there is no context help available, yet this is one of the main things that makes Rhino easy to learn. I privately asked @brian where it was and he said that it’s not available for local installation on my computer. Having the main help file online is a lousy second best since it would require having an internet connected computer right next to the non-connected one and even then it would lack the automatic connection to the currently selected command.

Am I the only one who thinks the context help is a great thing?

If you hoover over a GUI item for a while, it could show a hidden layer of information.
For toolbar buttons this is in place since long and helped me a lot to explore all the buttons in Rhino.
For these check boxes I’d think tooltips depicting LMB end RMB actions like with buttons would help to add discoverability.


More of this:

Thanks for the suggestion. I created a feature request for this at

Hi Steve,

if we are at it… I would like to suggest some interface improvements concerning usability and readability of the filter&Osnap panels.

maybe you could also find some abbrevations so that the selection filter tool is not so space consuming when docked left or right? the osnap toolbar is much slimmer.