Vehicle swept path analysis

hi there!
i’m looking for a vehicle swept path analysis solution in grasshopper. i know that there are specialized softwares for this problem, however as an architect, i would like to have a simple, high level estimation tool to get a basic understanding on which roads, ramps, parkings work and which do not.
of course, with those raw solutions specialized civil engineers can take on and use the way more sophisticated softwares to check our initial concept.
i found this video, and also a previous post about the Roadrunner plugin, but unfortunately the former videos creator not yet answered my email, and the Roadrunner plugin disappeared unfortunately.

anybody found a solution for this problem? any ideas maybe on how to start developing a script like in the video?
i only have experience with modeling buildings, furniture and the like, nothing close to this problem.
thanks for any feedback!

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I just emailed you indeed.

Hi, can I join this problem and ask if it has any solution or tool? I have a similar idea - a very occasional but worthwhile check of the cars traction curves. Thank you.

yea, unfortunately no solution emerged for this problem in the last two years as far as I see.
our road engineer used their special software.

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