Vector Output - a wish

Hi Eugen -

Apparently, it was you who did the frowning in that thread :see_no_evil:
And if you go back, you’ll see that I “liked” your post at the time.

My background is from MCAD products - SolidWorks, Pro/E, Creo, and NX. In those products, you never have to mess with 2D versions of 3D objects in the 3D environment. In Rhino, viewing the objects through details on a layout and annotating on the layout comes closest to that workflow, and, in my mind, is still the only workflow that makes sense. It does require good enough vector output from that layout, though. I’m hoping that section styles will be made to work again during the Rhino 8 life cycle, which is something that is required for this workflow to be viable. I’m also hoping that we will be able to set linetype styles for visible edges and silhouettes in Rhino 9.

Until then, and since ClippingDrawings to layouts is not in the cards - especially not for Rhino 8 - …

I would simply create all clipping drawings on top of each other in model space. Then, when its layers have been created, turn off the star in the New Detail On column, and turn off the lightbulb in the Model On column.

Then create a detail on a layout and turn the Detail On lightbulb for a single clipping drawing on.