Vector field masterplan

The topic is quite old and much discussed, but it is not obvious to me how a similar composition as in the Sofia Masterplan can be achieved using attractor points to express the concept of magnetism, cohesion and accessibility:

The basic principle is clear, but it is not clear how to get even more detail inside the plot, what do you need to charge for this (points or lines)?

VField (15.0 KB)

add more points with negative charges?

VField (36.1 KB)

@dk2079 thank you! That idea of negative charges coincides with the masterplan. I completely forgot about them :sweat_smile:
As I understand it, I need to charge extra lines and shapes to get a sculptural pattern and extra detail in the grid?

I need to order the flow lines according to the example, I don’t quite understand how to set up the point charges and (+/-) and distribute them over the site. Site contours are conditional

Masterplan (27.6 KB)